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AIT Wireless Workshop held on February 7-11, 2011 in Thailand
Publication date: 
19 Feb 2011


A joint workshop by AIT's intERLab, Network Startup Resource Center NSRC, and WirelessU brought together 25 participants from 6 countries - Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, India, and Bhutan - with backgrounds ranging from academic, governmental and non-governmental, to private sector, and instructors from Indonesia, India/Tibet, USA, and Europe.

The 5 day program addressed the basics of building sustainable wireless infrastructure for campus, village, and regional networks, in a 50/50 mix of theorectical foundations and hands-on exercises.

Special focus labs were dedicated to:

  • The particpants' wireless projects and plans
  • "Wireless Security" - in which a team of system administration built a netword amidst the attacks of hostile experts and careless users
  • "Mesh networks" - in which a network of mixed nodes (wireless routers, laptops of various OSs) was built and spread out over the AIT campus
  • "Voice over IP and beyond" - combining fixed line and mobile phones in a mixed Asterisk/ OpenBTS-GSM network
  • "Low budget DIY Antennas" - witha  concluding Antenna contest of Cans and Woks that brought Thailand a close victory over Nepal and Cambodia :)

Participants and instructors alike enjoyed a week of sharing and learning, hosted by a great team at AIT/intERLab - hopefully with future events to follow.

Provided by Sebastian Buttrich

WirelessU Instructor