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WirelessU Curriculum

We currently provide a template for three different types of training: A three day intensive "Boot Camp", a five day course, and a ten day course.

All training days include lecture in the morning followed by lab in the afternoon. Work days tend to be long, particularly with the three-day course. Due to the complexity of the topic and the amount of material to be covered, we expect prompt attendance and seven hour work days. Evening sessions are p

ossible if the training facility is near where the participants are staying, but are always optional. We assume that network connectivity will be provided by the host institution, and that PC computers are available for lab exercises.

Three-day Wireless Boot Camp

The goal of the 3-day crash course is to help people understand that WiFI can go further, how to choose the right antenna, how to properly install WiFi equipment, and to understand how all of this fits into their existing network.


  • Antenna lab



  • Power over Ethernet, grounding, and lightning protection: Powering Issues
  • Outdoor installation
  • Wireless Security
  • Case study review

Five-day Course

In the one-week course, the above topics are covered in greater depth. We also spend more time on advanced topics such as long distance WiFi and mesh networks. The following subjects are introduced:

Ten-day Course

In the two-week course, the above topics are covered in even greater detail. We also introduce a group challenge, where teams are expected to cooperate to solve a real-world wireless problem. If logistics permit, we also introduce a field experiment to create a long-distance wireless link between buildings on campus.

Additional topics can be tailored to fit the audience, and may include:

  • Applied mesh networking exercises
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Antenna modeling software
  • DIY antenna designs
  • Case studies (in collaboration with all participants)