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Update from ICPT, Trieste,Italy -- Curriculum and Workshop Planning
Publication date: 
5 Mar 2009

Several of us met in Trieste duiring the annual ICTP Wireless school.   The primary work was to agree upon curriculum for 3-day, 5-day, and 10-day courses. Secondly, we discussed several upcoming potential WirelessU training events.   I thought I'd update you all on these activities, and ask for your help.

Sebastian Buetrich, Marco Zennaro, Carlo Fonda, Rob Flickenger, Ermanno Pietrosemoli, Steve Okay, and I met and discussed the curriculum.  Rob will updates the web site to reflect this; the raw notes are attached.   For each of the 3 courses, there will be a one-page overview with lists of topic, and pointers to the recommended course units.   Comments on the general idea and/or details are welcome.

Secondly, Steve Huter has had some discussions over the last several months with the Internet Society (, about offering WirelessU courses in several different locations through local chapters.   ISOC has outreach, training, and improving access to the Internet as part of it's mission.   For several years they have been helping organize and support training workshops (with a lot of help from Steve Huter's organization,, which has a long history of this sort of work, at AfNOG, SANOG, PacNOG, etc. meetings).   So we'll be working with ISOC and NSRC to make these workshops happen, in Nepal, Benin,and Fiji.


-- Jim


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