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Cantenna video

The making of a cantenna in a step-by-step video.

The video is without sound, so you can add voice over as you please. Also, there is a lot of space for subtitling,
The video is not meant for online use only or primarily. we encourage its distribution on cd or dvd.

The video is free for re-use under a Creative Commons license. we encourage everybody to translate, modify and use this video as they would like to.

Note: This video is about 90 MB in size!

The making of this video has been supported by the APC, and has been produced by & Please contact wire [at] less [dot] dk for the original sources.

Document details
Sebastian Buettrich
Publication date: 
6 Oct 2008
1/2 hour
Creative Commons / Attribution / Non-commercial / Share Alike
Available materials: 
cantenna_video.tgz84.5 MB