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Wireless Workshop Planning Template

The logistics of planning a workshop can be challenging, especially if you have never hosted one before. This template is intended to help you plan a wireless training workshop.

Date and Duration

Deadline: 3 months before event



Project Partners and Contacts

Organizing partners

Deadline: 3 months before event



Participating organizations and people:

Deadline: 1-2 months before event



Funding overview

Deadline: 3 months before event

List of funding organizations



Budget Overview

Budget item Covered by Estimated Amount Status
Administration, local
Catering (Lunches, other meals)
Equipment, Gear - wireless
Travel, participants
Travel, instructors
Training materials

Target Group / Participants

Deadline: 3 months before event

Target group definition/suggestions:

  • Wireless community practitioners and activists
  • Future trainers and teachers
  • Policy makers
  • ...


Languages in which the workshop will be held

  • English
  • ...


Goals and Objectives

Deadline: 3 months before event

Please insert here a high level description of goals and objectives, areas of concentration!



Venue / Location

Deadline: 2 months before event


Classrooms & Labs

  • Capacity - Room for how many people:
  • Electricity -
  • Network -
  • Computers
    • Workshop Server for Wiki, Software repository, Proxy, ...
    • Number of PCs for participants: ...
  • Accessibility
    • Access after daily program hours?
    • Access in evenings?
  • Printing available?
  • Burning of CD/DVD available?
  • Conditions for physically challenged

Electricity & power

Please give a description of the power situation at the workshop location, with focus on availability and stability.

Accomodation & Catering

  • Number of beds
  • Style/type of accomodation
  • Distances from classroom(s), other facilities
  • Catering
  • Childcare (if relevant)
  • Conditions for physically challenged



Please insert here detailed travel instructions and budget estimates for travel to the workshop location!



People at the workshop

Deadline: 1-2 months before event


List of suggested trainers. Include additional guest instructors, speakers, etc.



Administration & Logistics, Helpers etc.

Please keep in mind that local administration and logistics is essential, and includes more than just venue and network-- this is essentially about caring for people!



Equipment & Materials

Deadline: 2 months before event



Curriculum / Program

Deadline: 2 months before event



Participant Questionnaire

Deadline: 2 months before event