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Submission Guidelines

If you have been invited to contribute material to WirelessU, Thank You for your support! Please keep these guidelines in mind when uploading new material.

  • Common and open file formats are preferred. PDF files are typically used for slides, papers, handouts, etc. Uploaded files should never be encrypted or "password protected". Whenever possible, please include the source for your documents in an open and editable format, such as OpenOffice, RTF, HTML, or plain text.
  • Uploaded files can be up to 200 MB each, but there is no limit to the number of files you can upload for a given unit. If you need to upload a single file larger than 200 MB, admin [at] wirelessu [dot] org (contact a site admin) for help.
  • Comments are enabled by default for all new training units. This allows us to solicit feedback on the uploaded materials. If you notice spam, flames, or other problems with the comment system, and you are unable to resolve them yourself, please contact a a site admin for help.
  • Tag (adding keywords) your units! Taking time to tag your materials makes them easier to find in searches.

Video and Audio

Video and Audio uploads are not yet supported directly. In the meantime, there are a couple of options:

  • You may upload any file you like in a ZIP archive, as long as the file is 200 MB or less. This will allow for video / audio downloads, but the media won't play directly in the browser.
  • You can also include a link to a video on YouTube or another video sharing site in the summary of your unit. Embedded video players also work; just paste the HTML code for the embedded player into the HTML editor for your unit (click the HTML button on the top right corner of the edit box, then paste in the code).


As you browse the training units, you will notice the "Topics" block on the left side. This is a cloud of tags (or categories) that have been assigned to each unit. You can set initial tags for a unit on the upload page, or add more at any time when viewing the unit. WirelessU supports community tagging, so anyone who is logged in can tag any unit. This works much like other community content sites, such as Flickr.

Tagging helps to improve the site by making it easier to find related materials. Please help to make the site better by adding tags whenever it seems appropriate.

Spam and Abuse

We define abuse as any activity that detracts from our members' ability to exchange information. Abusive activities include the posting of marketing or advertising messages, irrelevant or excessive comments, flame wars, and other actions not related to spreading the knowledge of wireless networking. Copyrighted material that is posted without permission will be removed, and members that repeatedly post abusive content will be banned.

In short: We reserve the right to remove any content that we find to be inappropriate for WirelessU.

Still have questions?

If you're having trouble getting your materials uploaded, or if you want to do something special, admin [at] wirelessu [dot] org (just ask).

We are here to help!